To develop musically your entire party we offer you DJ / Top Dog and you will have the guarantee that the event will be successful and the guests will not forget such great fun.

A big plus DJ is the fact that the songs are played in performances of original and best versions of those we know and like. At parties DJ is trying to play the music connects generations, only the most well-known and dance hits of Polish and foreign. (See repertoire >>)

In contrast to the band DJ is not rigidly fixed plan events, musical repertoire is adjusted on a regular basis for a variety of tastes.

DJ for weddings, bellwether

We would like to offer you to lead this most important life events experienced by the best DJs Wodzirejów. With us, your event will be hosted at the biggest stars of Polish and world stage, and hits in their original version will make each participant will try to find your own piece of the parquet.

Weddings are able to lead in Polish, English, German, Italian and Spanish.
We know how to grab guests to have fun!

In addition to the professional conduct DJ, Dance leader for the wedding provides:

• Professional stage sound and lighting
• Very rich repertoire of recordings from the 50s to the latest hits
• Multimedia equipment (rzytnik screen) to KARAOKE, slideshows, movies, parenting, etc.
• Wide range of competitions and games for guests with a variety of gadgets (hats, wigs, masks, disguises)
• Entertain guests, animations, synchronized dances, songs
• smoke generator heavy and light
• generator bubbles
• Own transport

Young Couple decides everything .: kind of welcome, the first dance, music, contests and other attractions.

On this occasion, always we encourage you to provide a list of songs, which you particularly care about. It is known fond memories typically connect and associate with the music.

It not without significance is what you would not want - in this case create TKZ. "Blacklist track".

Do not forget about the traditional wedding hits on Folk Tune (Polish, Silesian, highland, Gypsy), only good designs.

We are able to adapt to society, both in the announcements, games and selection of the music itself. We play only dance and well-known songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and actually brought out hits, both Polish and foreign (see musical repertoire »»).

How to play with the company, it is difficult to predict before the wedding. No weddings the same, each is different.

In the short breaks for meals they are played instrumental pieces, and over time the songs to sing. Competitions when people play, not when they eat.

Another advantage DJ Top Dog is the quality of original songs and their execution. Virtually no disadvantages, and the console is one person, not the whole team.

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