Video weddings

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and special events in the life of every human being. Therefore, it is important to professionally made photograph or film, which will remain after souvenir which so eager to return repeatedly and which will provide us with many unforgettable memories, memories and a smile on his face.

A great and memorable for years way to the perpetuation of such a beautiful day that is your wedding is to register it with the camera.

We are filming Full HD cameras, SLR 4K and Full HD and Full HD drone.

In this paper we use stabilizers, tripods, sliders, flycam-y and recorders.

Filming weddings usually filmed by one person. At the request can not be two cameramen and operator DRON-a.

The material that you deliver the highest quality (Full HD, 4K), created individually depending on the needs and requirements that are set before us. It is subjected to digital processing and professional-assembly.

Our video of the wedding consists of (this is an example illustration):


Preparations in Mrs. Young and in Groom (in the form of dynamic video)


Church Wedding / Civil (abbreviated)
Greeting guests

Fun Wedding (first dance, games, dances, etc.).

Oczepiny and fun oczepinowe (abbreviated)

Abbreviation of total and finish that will put a smile on the faces of viewers, and many a tear in the eye swirled with emotion. The length of the film is usually 90-120 minutes.

Sample projects:





Videos on thanks to parents

A lovely way to thank your wedding for parents. Thanks to the parents is an extremely moving moment during the wedding, where the bride and groom usually reads a text prepared in advance together. We offer you a film thanks to parents who are becoming more and more popular among young couples wanting in unconventional and very moving way to thank your parents for all these years care and education. Such a 3-6 minute video clip in film style is implemented in advance of the wedding together by a carefully prepared script. Your thank you video for parents is aired during the wedding while thanking parents.

Sample projects:


If you already want to see how it will look the movie, we invite you to us. We have a lot of material (with Drona as well) that will see our rich offer, and we, in turn, will enable closer look at your expectations.

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Cena uzależniona jest od terminu i miejsca uroczystkości oraz od dodatków, które zostaną ustalone na spotkaniu.


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